The 45° attitude

Our promise to you? A truly personalized site selection service. Backed by the experience to deliver.


  Understand your needs

√  Communicate clearly

  Use our purchasing power to negotiate for you

  Meet your deadlines

  Build mutually-beneficial relationships


  Know the leading MICE destinations and hotels

 Stay up to date on the latest MICE-industry insights

  Go and see venues, attend trade shows, improve through training, and learn from customer feedback

  Turn our hotel-industry knowledge into a business advantage for you


√  Cultivate a network of trusted contacts around the world

√  Build strategic relationships with MICE-industry stakeholders

√  Share best practices with the members of the MEG alliance of independent venue finders

About 45° Nord Consulting

As a MICE and business tourism expert, Jean-Christophe Chemin and his team will be highly involved in your seminar projects, from helping you to define your needs to the conclusion of the event.